Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Another power packed day! We started the day by heading to Capital Hill for a luncheon, it was interesting to watch the bus being "checked out" by a bomb sniffing German Shepherd that looked as nice as can be, but you knew he was ready to tear off your head with the wrong move. We had a wonderful lunch and met some very nice Senators, but unfortunately not anyone from Texas.

After lunch we headed out on the Metro with the family from Missouri for Arlington Cemetery, one of Kent and Sam's required spots of interest. This place is breathtaking. We visited Kennedy's grave, watched 2 wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown and changing of the guard. We then visited General Robert E. Lee's home. The Pentagon can be seen from the the front of the home. It was interesting to see the lighter colored cement that repaired where the plane flew into it on 9/11. Thru the archives we were able to locate Debbie's brother-in-law's father's grave. That was a solemn moment to visit someone that is buried in this magnificent place when you recognize the name.

Sam is doing well walking all over the city, he is very tired by the end of the day but keeps a good attitude about it all. He does not want to miss anything! Again we can not thank CMN, Cook Children's and Walmart/Sam's Club for this wonderful opportunity. It is so wonderful to spend time with families that have stood in the middle of the storm and have made it out alive, each and everyone of these Champions are miracles made possible by the funding of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Tomorrow will be an early day with interview with Miss America and David Archaleta.

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