Sunday, June 6, 2010

D.C. Arrival

Wow what a day of traveling! We arrived in D.C. about 6 pm and with 3 other familes from Idaho, Arkansas and Conn. were met with smiling CMN employess, a round of applause from the Delta terminal and balloons! Everyone we have met has been soo nice and full of smiles. It is so strange to be saying thank you to them for this opportunity and they are thanking us for inspiring them. Mutual Admiration!

Sam and Myles headed straight to the pool and met up with several of the children and their siblings. One of the wonderful things we have experienced so far, is that although the Champion is the one whose story is told, the rest of the family is considered Champions too. Myles is getting all the "free" goodies too, he is not just along for the ride. THANK YOU CMN for making the siblings feel special too!

We headed out for dinner with Zach (Idaho) and his family and Josh (MO) and his mom and grandmother. On our way we came upon a road block with Secret Service and police lights flashing, the rumor was that President Obama was at a play and would be exiting soon, the boys decided that they did not need to wait to see him because they were going to meet him on Wednesday. It was hilarious!

Tommorrow is a busy day we are having breakfast and spending the morning at the ESPN Zone, a place much like Dave in Busters in TX. Afterwards, we are heading out for a bus tour of the city and then visiting museums.

We were told tonight that Sam will have 4 media events on Wednesday.

8:00 and 8:15 am interview with David Archuleta on 94.1 and not sure about other station

8:30 and 9:40 am interview with Miss America with KTBC Fox and KDFW Fox 4

Good night all!

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