Friday, November 12, 2010

Our First Day

Thursday started out with our Welcome Breakfast and some special guests...

After breakfast we headed to the Magic Kingdom for some fun! We watched some parades, met some characters and rode ALOT of rides! Sam and Myles continued their obsession with pins and trading them with other guests. I even turned into a Fairy for the day! It was a blast.

In the late afternoon we headed to Epcot and went to a Rick Springfield concert and worked our way through the countries, still more to see though! We also watched the nightly fireworks from a private CMN sponsor party lakeside. We met some wonderful people from ReMax and Dairy Queen who work very hard to support the hospitals and children. All we can say to all these sponsors is THANK YOU!!!!!!

Our Celebration event is this afternoon, so we plan on spending some time exploring this morning. Who knows what surprises this day will hold! More later.....

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