Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a ride the last three years have been! Sam went from an active 12 year boy with hopes of playing football and running track to being on crutches with his left foot at a 90 degree angle in a matter of 6 weeks. He spent 10 long months on crutches while we were taking him from doctor to doctor trying to get the right diagnosis and then the right treatment. We finally met and were embraced by Dr. Acosta, Dr. Marks, Dr. Honeycutt and their staff at Cook Children's Medical Center. For the first time, we felt safe and that we could beat this "thing" that had taken Sam's spirit for life. By May, 2008 he was having Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and with a great deal of prayer, physical therapy and miracles he went back to school in August walking without any assistance! Today if you saw him on the street you may think he had a slight limp, but nothing significant. He is back to being a pretty normal active teenager- hiking, sledding, swimming and most recently horseback riding. Words can never express how grateful we are to Cook Children's for everything they did to give us our son back.

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  1. Sam has such an incredible story! Thank you for sharing him with us! We are looking forward to meeting you in DC this June. Thanks for using the blog.

    Aubrey Cichelli
    Director, PR, Children's Miracle Network